In the beginning, God made everything. It was good and pure, and all was peaceful.

But humans act like the whole Earth is ours—and the results are disastrous.

In a new PETA LAMBS video, we’re urging fellow Christians who are reflecting on the life of Jesus and his resurrection to extend their compassion to all sentient beings by leaving animals off their plates—for the Easter feast and beyond.

Every animal on Earth leads a complex, interesting life that has intrinsic value.

Cleaner wrasse fish are savvy business owners who treat their customers differently depending on who’s watching. Pigs bond with humans, love to cuddle, and play games. Like many other animals, cows have best friends. Chickens are caring mothers—a hen “talks” to her chicks inside the egg before they’ve hatched to teach them to recognize her voice in a flock.

The interesting ways animals live go on and on and on. Personality, emotions, and the wish to live free from harm are traits of every animal on God’s green Earth.

The Bible teaches that Christians are called to be merciful stewards of God’s creation, which makes humans responsible for protecting animals from cruelty and their homes from utter destruction.

Yet on farms, we cram them into filthy, cramped spaces without sunlight or fresh air. We painfully castrate them, chop off part of their beaks, burn their horns or gouge them out of their skulls, and brand their skin—all without providing them with pain relief.

Slaughterhouses are sacrilegious in how they treat God’s creations. Animals are hung upside down, and their throats are cut open, many while they’re conscious. Some are even skinned or dismembered while they’re still alive.

If you follow Jesus, don’t support cruelty to animals, because animals aren’t ours to use—they belong to God.

It’s speciesist to think that we’re superior and therefore somehow justified in caging, mutilating, and raping animals who don’t look exactly like us. In the 21st century, exploiting animals is as unnecessary as it is immoral.

Christians who live vegan can be the hands of Christ by showing compassion for all of God’s creation. For animals, for the planet, and for your own health, please, go vegan today. Click on the links below to order a free vegan starter kit from PETA and send one to a loved one as well!