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Do You Pray for Animals? God Wants You to—Here’s How

Most of us animal advocates have probably asked, “God, why don’t you do something?” But He did—He made us. And we can win for animals with His help.

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Was Jesus Vegan? These Bible Verses Suggest So

What does the Bible tell us about eating animals? PETA asked religious scholar Keith Akers to help find answers to one of Christianity’s most burning questions.

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Vegan Churches Are Out There! Here’s Where You Can Find Them

More and more Christians are coming to understand that loving God means loving ALL of His creation. Here’s where to find all-vegan churches and vegan pastors.

Franklin Graham Chooses Compassion by Going Vegan—and You Should, Too

When it comes to living more compassionately, renowned evangelist Franklin Graham has seen the light.

10 Takeaways From ‘Vegangelical’ That Will Help Your Christian Friends Go Vegan

The concept of loving each other transcends time, space, and species.

On a Radioactive Pig and Pope Francis

But shouldn’t Francis’s calls for “care” and “dignity” – and our own growing insights into animal sentience and intelligence?

Genesis 9: Not an Instruction to Eat Animals

Christians and animals in a post-sin, post-flood world: It doesn't have to be all "fear and dread."

Five Disturbing Facts About ‘Free-Range’ and ‘Organic’ Meat, Eggs, and Dairy Products

Think "free-range" and "organic" products are more humane? You'll be shocked to find out the truth.

10 Animal-Friendly Quotes From Pope Francis’ Encyclical That You Might Have Missed

Pope Francis might now be known as a policy wonk, but he's also got a soft spot for animals.

6 Heart-Wrenching Rescues That Show What ‘Dominion’ Really Means (Videos)

These rescues will not only melt your heart but also demonstrate exactly what it means to be a good steward.