As the body of Christ, we are called to be prophetic witnesses to the world that Christ has promised to reconcile fully. God has also called on us to become reconcilers—and work to restore a broken world to a peaceful one that’s free of killing and destruction. These rescue stories are perfect examples of reconciliation and dominion in action.

Meet Noel. Fieldworkers found her in a trash-filled pen the size of a small closet:

Seventeen bears were rescued from what would have been a life sentence in miserable concrete pits in Helen, Georgia:

This hapless dog fell into a 10-foot-deep water tank, which was half-filled with rainwater, and was literally paddling for his life. When Animal Rahat‘s fieldworkers reached the scene, the exhausted dog was barely able to hold his head above the filthy water. Using a sturdy net, Animal Rahat’s staff fished him out of the tank. Although he was scared and shaken, the dog wasn’t injured, and he ran back to his village and family as soon as he was deposited onto dry land.















Then there was the time that Sam Simon and The Cow Sanctuary helped us save eight pigs from a slaughterhouse truck:

 Check out the 1:14 mark—I can’t even.

We also gave some newborn piglets a chance at a new life:

Peggy and Lucy were among the more than 250 rabbits who were being kept in cramped, stacked cages inside Bunny Magic Wildlife & Rabbit Rescue, Inc., in Lusby, Maryland. Bunny Magic—really a hoarding facility—masqueraded as a “no-kill sanctuary.”

Mercy, which is seen in each of these stories, is exactly what we as Christians have been called to show to all God’s creatures—great and small.


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