Saint Francis of Paola and the Church’s Earliest Ethical Vegans

Saint Francis of Paola performed many miracles, such as healing the sick, walking on water, and raising the dead—including animals who had been killed for food.

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Honor Jesus’ Sacrifice With a Compassionate Easter Celebration

Easter celebrations may be held at home again, but you can make yours more special than ever.

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Not Your Average Easter Card: A Printable Card With an Unmistakable Message

Jesus was bold and passionate. He defended the weak and the oppressed, and He fought for good. This Easter, you can do the same.

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Fish Are Animals, Too: PETA LAMBS Gives Away Vegan Fish for Lent

Like all animals, fish are part of God’s perfect creation. He gave them thought, reason, emotional capacity, and the ability to feel pain.

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Get a PETA LAMBS Zoom Background for Your Church Service Livestream!

Whether you're a minister, a musician, a teacher, or anyone else attending church via livestream, PETA LAMBS' Zoom background is perfect for you.

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Would God Want Us to Torment Monkeys in Pointless Experiments?

Jesus told us to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." He was so adamant about this lesson that He said it twice, in Luke 6:31 and Matthew 7:12.

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Christians’ Capacity for Compassion Must Include All of God’s Creation

In the beginning, God made everything. It was good and pure, and all was peaceful. But humans act like the whole Earth is ours—and the results are disastrous.

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Good Works for Good Friday: PETA LAMBS Sponsors Free Vegan Fish Fry

In honor of Good Friday and all of His creation, PETA LAMBS is sponsoring a free public vegan fish fry in Pittsburgh.

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First-Ever Free VEGAN Friday Fish Fry for Lent Is a Hit!

A healthy vegan lifestyle lets us care for animals, our own bodies, and God's Earth and allows us to follow Christ's directive to "love one another."

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Will U.S. Cardinals Go Vegan for Lent?

PETA LAMBS has sent letters to the five cardinals who lead the U.S. archdioceses encouraging them to go vegan for Lent—and urge those they shepherd to do the same.