Vegan Theology for Christians

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Lent 2018: 5 Reasons Going Vegan Will Be the Kindest Thing You’ve Ever Done

Christians worldwide are saving animals and the planet. Won’t you pledge to join them?

  • Photo by Terry Cummings at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary

All God’s Beings Deserve Kindness and Compassion This Season

Celebrate a Vegan Christmas

These delicious recipes will please every palate giving everyone—including animals—something to be thankful for this Christmas season.

Meet Daniel Paden, PETA’s Associate Director of Evidence Analysis

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Is Radio City Music Hall’s ‘Living Nativity’ Coming to an End?

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‘The Grace of Dogs’ Speaks to a Connection That Transcends Time


Episcopal Churches Cook Thousands of Lobsters; PETA Asks Them to Consider Vegan Bake Sales Instead

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James Cromwell: “Give Pigs a Break This Easter”

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The Lamb of God Died For Our Sins