Celebrate a Vegan Christmas

These delicious recipes will please every palate giving everyone—including animals—something to be thankful for this Christmas season.

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Is Radio City Music Hall’s ‘Living Nativity’ Coming to an End?

As the holiday season approaches, LAMBS—PETA’s Christian outreach division—sent a letter to the executive chair of The Madison Square Garden Company urging him not to use live animals in the “Living Nativity” during this year’s Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. In return, LAMBS is offering a set of beautiful nativity animal statues to […]

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‘The Grace of Dogs’ Speaks to a Connection That Transcends Time

Every one of us whose life would be incomplete if it weren’t shared with a dog will feel young Owen Root’s grief. Inconsolable after Kirby, his family’s black Lab, was euthanized, the boy stood, wiped his cheek, and left the vet’s office. Returning a moment later with a dog treat and a cup of water, […]

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James Cromwell: “Give Pigs a Break This Easter”

Just in time for Easter, Babe star James Cromwell is hitting the airwaves in some of the country’s most “Bible-minded” cities to encourage Christians to celebrate a ham-free Easter. The PETA radio spot, available here, will run this week in Chattanooga, Tennessee; Asheville and Charlotte, North Carolina; Birmingham, Alabama; Lexington, Kentucky; and Roanoke, Virginia. When […]

Bishops Asked to Celebrate a Vegan Lent: No Fish on Fridays if PETA Gets Its Way

This Lenten season, PETA is seeking an end to the Friday fish fry. In a letter sent to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) this morning, PETA suggests that bishops and congregants abstain from consuming animal products throughout Lent, including fish on Fridays, and to help with the transition is sending a care […]