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Isle of Wight Vicar Tells Why He Won’t Be Eating Turkey This Christmas

"Can this really be the centrepiece of a celebration which marks the coming of God to Earth as a man, the season of goodwill to all?"

  • Photo by Elli Garlin

A Case of Compassion

One woman’s act of mercy invites us to reflect on the suffering of animals.

URGENT: People Slit Animals’ Throats and Drink Their Blood During Mexican Festival!

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Gucci Parades Tortured Animals’ Skins Through Westminster Abbey

Gucci's animal skin–filled fashion show inside Westminster Abbey has prompted a debate about Christians' responsibility for the rest of God's creation.

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Mother Teresa: Saint to Humans and Animals

The "saint of the gutters," Mother Teresa, will soon officially become a saint. Her love for "the least of these" included those who weren't even born human.

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Pope Francis Is PETA’s 2015 Person of the Year

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THE Dining Guide for the Pope’s Philadelphia Visit

As the U.S. prepares for the Pope's "Love Is Our Mission" visit, LAMBS hopes that his—and everyone's—mealtimes will be love-filled, too.

LAMBS Asks New Bishops to Pledge to Go Vegan for 30 Days

We've sent three vegan gift baskets to the newly named auxiliary bishops of Los Angeles asking them to follow Pope Francis' call to protect the environment.

St. Francis Parish Hosts First-Ever Free Vegan Fish Dinner (PHOTOS)

We partnered with a Denver parish to host a vegan fish dinner to kick off its brand-new creation care program.

PETA Offers to Replace Washington National Cathedral’s Confederate-Flag Stained-Glass Window

We've offered the cathedral an impressive new window design that promotes compassion for all.